KRyLack Password Recovery




Recover passwords of ZIP RAR and ACE files


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If you usually create backups of your folders and personal data by compressing all data in only one file /SIP, RAR or ACE ) you may protect the access to that file with a safe password.

If you usually protect that data, for sure that you have forgotten that password at least once.

When you forget the password you think you will never be able to access your data, but you are wrong, KRyLack Password Recovery is a program that will help you when trying to remember and recover the password of compressed files.

KRyLacK Password Recovery works by attacking the file and forcing the password recovery. AS you may remember at least the kind of password you entered, the search of the password will be faster, indicate the program tthe kind of password: letters, figures, mised,... and it will recover it for you.

30 days trial period.
During the trial period, the program will recover only three characters of the password

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